Bengaluru has a temperate climate with dry summers. Recently over the last two years, temperatures during summers have started to go high due to an increased amount of vehicular pollution. In the summers of Bengaluru, using air coolers in homes and workplaces increases the humidity levels that can lead to damage of your electronic equipment. So, going for ACs is the safest bet. But, ACs require maintenance regularly. If your AC is leaking or releasing foul smells, you need to get your AC fixed immediately by professionals.
  • On-time disciplined appliance technician at your convenient schedule.
  • Hassle free online/phone call booking.
  • 2 months service warranty after air condtioner Repair.
  • We service from 9 AM - 9 PM

What Services Do You Want For Your air condtioner Repair?

₹ 299
  1. Complete diagnosis of air condtioner Repair
  2. Identifying problems like heating element issue, leakage, etc
  3. Visiting charge of Rs.299 if you decide to not go ahead with the repair
₹ 500
  1. Installation of air condtioner Repair
  2. Complete performance check post installation
  3. Visiting charge of Rs.500 if you decide to not go ahead with the repair
₹ 250
  1. Complete check before un-installation
  2. Removal and un-installation of unit for air condtioner Repair
  3. Visiting charge of Rs.250 if you decide to not go ahead with the repair
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