A fridge is one of the most crucial electrical appliances in a kitchen. It stores our food for a longer duration by checking bacteria-growth and ensures that we eat healthy without wasting it. A refrigerator also has a longer lifespan of more than 10 years, at least, when compared to the home appliances in our homes. However, it has its own set of problems if not maintained properly. Sometimes your fridge may unexpectedly stop functioning due to a damaged part and you may need to fix it quickly. In metropolitan cities such as Bangalore, there are so many fridge repair services that it can become quite confusing to find a good one. It can get also quite difficult to take your fridge to a refrigerator repair service centre that is far from your home. If you have a busy lifestyle, you would want a professional who offers refrigerator-repairing services at homes. It is essential to get a professional who will not charge you more for a part than required.
  • On-time disciplined appliance technician at your convenient schedule.
  • Hassle free online/phone call booking.
  • 2 months service warranty after Referigerator Repair.
  • We service from 9 AM - 9 PM

What Services Do You Want For Your Referigerator Repair?

₹ 299
  1. Complete diagnosis of Referigerator Repair
  2. Identifying problems like heating element issue, leakage, etc
  3. Visiting charge of Rs.299 if you decide to not go ahead with the repair
₹ 500
  1. Installation of Referigerator Repair
  2. Complete performance check post installation
  3. Visiting charge of Rs.500 if you decide to not go ahead with the repair
₹ 250
  1. Complete check before un-installation
  2. Removal and un-installation of unit for Referigerator Repair
  3. Visiting charge of Rs.250 if you decide to not go ahead with the repair
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